Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Setting up an altar of remembering...

Sometimes the Lord reminds me right smack dab in the middle of life how faithful He has been.    This morning it was reminding me of His provision of Keith.  Keith and I have been married 18 years...not all of the memories are joyful...but all of them redeemed.  Redeemed!  Redeemed from the pit, from the locusts.  Praise HIM!  But, this morning He was reminding me of the prequel.  You know, the years before the marriage.  Those are great memories!  

I could recount those early days for you.  They are a little blurry as far as order and such but some of them so clear.  Like how he shared his candy bar with me at the campus movie.  Or how I laughed at his flat tire story in Waffle House when no one else was laughing.  Or how I wore ridiculously thin boots (totally fashionable but totally impractical) in the middle of winter and he held my feet in his lap to warm them.  Or how he asked me to walk with him in the snow to Dunkin Donuts and he fell flat out on the ice.  (I laughed.  He did too.)  Or how I kissed his cheek when he hugged me goodbye one night and I wanted to DIE because I totally did it without thinking.  (We had yet to kiss and it took a couple weeks until we did.)  The first kiss...at his parents' house.  We were both dry mouthed and acted like silly kids.  I blush just to think of it now!  But he was sealed on my heart.  I knew it straight from the Lord.  Before we shared the first kiss or held each others' hands...I knew it.  The Lord let me know this was the man and I just couldn't believe it.  I mean, really Lord?  I had just broken up with a two year relationship and I was set on letting men go for a while! Keith has just broken up with a long term girl also.  And here was this redheaded soccer playing goofball, FOR ME?  My ex boyfriend was a 6'2" dark hair football player.  I guess God didn't know I had a "type!"  HA!  Actually, He knew just what my type was: godly.  In love with ME!  Devoted, loyal.  Funny.  And really HOT in a pair of jeans!  Oh yeah.  The jeans.  I used to watch him walk back from class to his dorm LONG before he was my man.  Oh,  yes I did! :)

But, all of that to tell you...God gave me Keith.  The best gift I never asked for.  The man who walks with me in the darkest days and leads us on this amazing journey.  Even the memories redeemed from the locusts...I thank God for those too.  Because without the times where we fought for our marriage I don't think we'd know the depth to which we could sink or how badly we needed our Savior.  And I think we'd still have our guard down.  We'd not know how badly the devil wanted our marriage to fail.  And if Satan wants something of yours you better know that thing is worth protecting.  

Keith:  I love you.   Better today than yesterday.  And even more tomorrow.  (And I still love to walk behind you in your jeans.  Oh. yes. I. do.)  ~M.

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