Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hello Blogspot!

I have caved to peer going with the flow! I realized after Marla left her Xanga blog that my blog list, which is 35 long...consisted of only 5 remaining Xangas. Now, I don't know if this really matters....but I have noticed that I like the look and options of the blogspot blogs and figured there must be a reason more people are choosing blogspot. Plus, it is easier to comment within your own that a word? SO...I am jumping in and abandoning Xanga...which I must admit oddly enough...troubles my loyalty. I mean, it is rather odd to be loyal to a blog account...but I feel strange saying goodbye. I am wondering at this point if I can print my blog out for keeping...and if I can...exactly how much ink and paper will that consume? Hmmm..we shall see. Anyway, maybe in the meantime having a new blog will be like getting a new notebook or a new journal and I will be compelled to write more. My husband has been asking for more blogs...funny huh?

So, you may wonder why I named my blog, Because of Grace. Well, is because anything that I am...anything that I possess of value is because of grace. If I have anything valuable to contribute, any talent to lend, any advice to offer it is ALL because of grace! Truthfully, most days I feel I have so little to contribute. And the days when I feel I do have something to say...I am always humbly reminded...that it is all because of Him...because of His unfailing, amazing grace. So, with that, let's get started...

Why exactly is grace so profound to me? Because:
  • Some days I do not feel like doing what I feel like the Lord has asked me to do~namely, be a living sacrifice.
  • Being a wife and mother is HARD and I mostly feel like I fail at it.
  • I am miserably lazy and idle with too much of my time.
  • I lose my temper and raise my voice out of frustration too many times...a day.
  • I struggle with wanting what I cannot have and not wanting what I do have.
  • I struggle with eating too much.
  • I want to be thin...not so I can be healthy (though that would be nice) but because I want to be the world's eyes.
  • I am too often in the world and not in the Word.
  • I am a terrible friend sometimes.
  • I am a terrible wife sometimes.
  • I am a terrible mom sometimes.
  • I think about myself far more than I think about others.
  • I do not love people like I ought.
  • Because this list could go ON AND ON AND get the idea.
But, it is all covered by grace. And tomorrow I get a chance to do it all over again...with His help..the right way. I am so thankful for grace! ~M.


mbl said...

I'm following you, my friend!!! Welcome to blogspot.

Stacy Brown said...

His grace also covers the pressure that we put on ourselves to do things right all the are a wonderful friend, wife & mother...I struggle with the same issues...of getting angry & frustrated, wanting to be thin & eating too much....not being in the Word enough. It's wonderful that His mercies are new every morning and we have a new grace for everyday! Love you,

ftmomma said...

I made it! Had to google you but I made it. I so understand what you are saying about your struggles and being thankful for grace. Once again I am convinced we are quite similar! Today I have been praying to be the mom that He would have me be - not the one I am... I don't think I even have it in my in my natural self... I think that mom is only a possible thought because of grace. Not sure if that makes sense...

Beck Family said...

I found ya friend, I can be techno challenged you know. I love your blogs. Without His grace I would be nothing and would give in to the feeling that I am nothing most of the time. But God brings that loving grace and I am reminded that I am something because I am His. You are so right about all of it. Love You!Chelle