Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Potty Training Update

I thought for the sake of full disclosure I should share how it is going on our PT front here. Grayson has been PTraining for a week now...or something close to that. I forget the exact day we began. Yesterday was his first FULL day of no accidents. So in case you were wondering if I had this down to some perfect He totally knows how to make it happen but still forgets he needs to go somewhere to actually deposit it now! And I will tell you, though some of you may cringe (but like I said...full disclosure) that I have spanked him a couple of times. He is quite a cooperative little guy in all of life but he is two after all. And I sometimes sense a laziness and control issue that occurs with probably every PT child. They figure out they don't actually think it is fun anymore to go to the potty like they might have in the beginning. And they realize they have a choice....well, at least they think they have a choice. :) That is where the small, albeit firm, spank on a naked be-hiny is helpful~and necessary. He needed to be reminded that his momma takes none too kindly to wet clothes and puddles on the floor!

All in all, he has an amazing little bladder and some mornings he is completely dry all night. Like yesterday morning Iwalked in his room and he said, "I need to go potty." I put him on the potty and he peed and pooed immediately! Loved that. He could have chosen the easy route and taken care of business in his diaper before I came in but he obviously held it waiting for me. And it was quite funny when I had to take him to the potty twice at the pool (at his request) to pee. I mean, the kid is there in a washable swim diaper-soaking wet in knee deep water and totally could have let 'er go right there but didn't!

As for Sunday when I had to take him to church, this mother of six was a bit perplexed as to how to handle the whole thing. We go to a small church with only two child rooms. Grayson is in the baby nursery of course since he isn't PT yet. (that they know of) I knew that if the room was crowded or if it was staffed by younger ladies that it'd be a lot to ask to have them be in charge of his PT. And because our little church is in a strip mall the bathroom is not connected to the nursery. SO...I toted the potty seat in a bag with me! Yes I did. I had him wear a pull-up which I hated to do but felt I could not ask them to deal with messes he might make. Well, to make a long story short...I spent my 18th anniversary staying with the 2 year old myself! I didn't mind one bit. Seeing the crowded nursery and the younger workers I knew I had three choices: 1) I could just say, "Let him pee and poo in his pull-up" (which I honestly didn't know if he'd do that or not). and 2) Ask them to carefully watch him and ask him every so often to put him on the a crowded room full of curious kids OR 3) keep him with me and keep the PT on track. I chose the third of course and was so glad I did. He peed and pooed while we were there and none of my diligence was lost! In the past (at other, larger churches) I have been able to ask the workers to help me and they have. They have usually had pottys in the room and had enough help to do this. The boys also have done well while at church but I always pack extra and all. I am not sure how this week will go. If he continues to have accident-free days then I may throw caution to the wind and send him in underwear and take his potty to put in the adjoining room or hall for them to use. I don't know. These are the hard choices when you have to leave them in someone else's care.

Anyway....there is the update. He is not naked anymore BTW. He can handle underwear and usually shorts too. Praying we get this thing fully handled soon but thrilled nonetheless to see how well he is doing! ~M.

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