Saturday, December 11, 2010

I mentioned last time some things to try switching...
  • skim/lowfat milk TO whole milk or better yet...raw milk
  • margarine TO butter...preferably butter from pasture-fed cows
  • vegetable oils TO coconut oil or palm fruit oil
  • white flour TO freshly ground whole wheat flour
  • store bought eggs TO farm fresh eggs from chickens roaming freely
  • store bought broth TO homemade bone broth

But I forget to mention a couple other switches:

  • sugar TO natural sweeteners...such as honey (preferably raw), sucanat (natural cane juice sugar), or stevia
  • regular sodium salt TO real sea salt (so much better for you as it is filled with tons of minerals you need and is not refined sodium)
  • corn fed beef and chicken TO pasture fed beef and chicken. Animals were NOT made to eat corn...they were made to eat grass!

These are easy switches I think. You will LOVE the taste of these switches. Your family will not notice most of them especially if you ease them in slowly. You can throw most of this in when you are baking and cooking and they will have no idea but you will know the benefits!

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