Saturday, November 27, 2010

So after yesterday's post I thought I should share some links with you that have helped me in a pinch! Some of my favorite sites for recipes are: This is my favorite site for all of it features. Ree, the pioneer woman is an excellent cook. She also has a cookbook but frankly, all of her recipes are on her site! I could list you off all my faves from her site but we'd be here all day and trust me...if you try her stuff you will like it. And she goes step by step with pictures which makes it (nearly:) foolproof! First place to start is with her cinnamon rolls. I tell you, as one who feared anything with yeast and is a cinch and they are awesome for Christmas morning. I half the recipe but if you make the whole thing you can freeze them!

www. This site is my new favorite. This is a whole foods cooking site. Laura, the heavenly homemaker is a mom who uses fats, whole grains, natural sugars, and fermented foods to make her recipes. She shares recipes on how to make your own healthy dressings, breads, yogurts, kefir, etc. She shares her own meal menu each week with links to all the recipes. This is also a new site to me. I found VERY helpful videos here for making lots of healthy things like kombucha, whey, cream cheese, kefir, gravy, etc. Obviously a health food site but so much to learn!

These are my favorite buying sites right now:

For coconut oil:
This is the cheapest place to find a gallon of UNREFINED coconut oil I have found.

For bulk buying of hard white wheat for grinding:
Azure standard is a bulk buying type of co-op. You have to have a drop site in your area. If there is a site near you then you can order from them. They have LOTS of stuff at a great price!

When I think of more to share I will add them!

I wanted to also say one more thing. I read a friend's blog about how she runs and enjoys the holidays at her home. She is a mom of 8 and she has TONS of experience on running her home as smoothly as possible. For her, she LOVES to play games. So for her, an enjoyable holiday is less about hospitality and cooking and more about having FUN! I don't so much love to play games and I love to cook and plan a lovely meal. We are all different. I want to be more like my friend and enjoy life and people more and not be so caught up in the details. But, I also know that I am knit together differently. Her kids will remember wonderful times of game playing and laughter and my kids will remember cozy times of special meals and a warm atmosphere (at least I hope :). Either both is actually hospitality. Both emit warmth and joy because she is doing what brings joy to her home and I do what brings joy to mine! Thankfully, we have grandparents and aunts and uncles who love games and add that element in while I am joyfully preparing a meal. And she has a grammy who loves to handle the meal! So I say all that to say, please don't read what I say and feel like you should try to fit who I am. I only share my stuff to help those who want to cultivate more cooking/baking skills or more hospitality into their company times! Ok...gotta run! Love to you all!


godzgaljen said...

Thanks M! I love Ree's page too! I will have to try and maker her rolls soon! Yummy. I will check out the other sites too. :)

Natasha said...

Are you ordering from Azure? I have not done it but would like to......